Digital alchemy and applied technology to art and entertainment

We take the popular concept of ancient Alchemy, as a multidisciplinary form of creation. We believe that cybernetics could be compared with the chemistry used by Alchemists. They used flasks and permutations, we use machines and lines of code to create, communicate and surprise.

Telekinetic is a laboratory that explores the use of various applications related to media products, both analog and digital.

Its aim is the creation of pieces combining artistic creativity and technological innovation in order to achieve new designs and tools for art, communication, and entertainment.

The completion of each project stems from a process of analysis, which takes into account cultural, social, and scientific aspects.

It is through the fusion of research, application technology and artistic creativity that it is possible to achieve the production of unique pieces with far reaching communicative power at both cognitive and emotional levels.

As a collective, Telekinetic Media Lab is made up of people looking to experiment with content, and with what technology can do with it. Considering that the company currently relies on the media, our team is dedicated to the exploration of these spaces to create new media tools.

Considering that society currently relies on digital media, our team is dedicated to the exploration of these spaces to create new media tools.

It is composed of people with specialized talents in various fields including: conceptualization, design, 2D and 3D animation, audio design, music composition, programming, interactivity, vfx, render, assembly and operation.

Telekinetic Media Lab plays with technology to create digital interdisciplinary pieces. They can be modular, transportable, adaptable to any space whether public or private, exterior or interior and with the possibility of interaction, characteristic that captures the viewer by making one part of what is happening around.They can also be used for different purposes including educational, entertainment, cultural promotion, or advertising.

The innovative use of a combination of image and sound can create a more heightened level of immersion than what we are used to experiencing. With these tools, any idea can raise their performance potential.